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Sampling Stations & Travel Regulations

Travel better with<br>COVID-19 Testing
Travel better with
COVID-19 Testing
Reduce your chance of quarantine or other restrictions
by getting tested before you travel.


Eurofins has teamed up with flight companies and airports to offer Coronavirus testing in Europe’s main destinations. With Sampling Stations located in all the main airports, as well as the biggest cities, it couldn’t be easier.

There are two tests available – a PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction Test) and a rapid antigen test, which detects acute infection of the virus - where you might infect others you come in contact with.
Find your nearest Testing Station by selecting your country:

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No sampling station near you? Our tests come to you.

You can collect a sample with our self-sampling kits from home and have the results back in just 24 hours.


Our Tests

How do PCR tests work?

They detect the virus before the immune system clears it and looks for the nucleic acid (RNA). If it finds it then a positive test will result. A healthcare professional will take a sample from the nose or the back of your throat using a swab. If you’re using a self-sampling kit, the easy to follow instructions are provided, making it easy to get the sample done right. this will then be collected from your home or work. The swab is sent to our lab to check if the virus is present and then we will let you know the result.

Rapid Antigen: Rapid Antigen:
How do Rapid Antigen tests work?

They detect the presence of the virus through its proteins (antigen). It is a quick and easy way, with results available in as little as 15 minutes. A healthcare professional will take a sample from the nose or the back of your throat using a swab. This test is really useful for screening purposes, where restrictions may have to be put in place quickly. Is it reliable? In ideal conditions it is comparable to molecular testing, but positive results may still need to be confirmed by a PCR test.


Eurofins are one of the global leaders in laboratory tests and have handled millions of tests, ensuring the highest quality standards and accuracy. With specially trained staff, access to the latest technology and unmatched expertise, you are in safe hands.


It is sensible to check official travel information and restrictions that might apply to where you’re travelling to, as the situation can change quickly. Government sites have the most up to date information, so check there first.*

Travel Information by the European Union | Travel Information by the US Department of State | IATA COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map

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When planning your Travel and Testing at one of the listed airports please consider airline requirements:

It is important to check what requirements your airline may have, before you travel or get tested at an airport. When working out your travel times or test dates, please bear in mind that a test result is sometimes needed before check- in. The airline may also need it printed. therefore, it’s a good idea to make sure your test result is available about an hour before check-in starts.


Book your testing appointment and access your results with the E-Clinical app.

After registering via the app, you can obtain your QR Code to verify your identity on site.

Test results are provided digitally through the E-Clinical app.

Just follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Open the E-Clinical app and login with your account
2. Click on My test results to open your test history
3. This shows the tests you’ve had and results
4. Click on the certificate button to download your test certificate
5. Receive an email with any new test result

Eurofins is testing for life.

In partnership with IATA (international air travel association).